Debunking Myths on Heating System Replacement and Repair – Your all-inclusive guide

We all know those frequent myths about heating systems and repairs, right? Well, at Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning, we are taking the mantle to debunk them. We have done the research and consulted our long-standing experts in heating system replacement in Tea, SD & Sioux Falls, SD, system repair in Hartford, SD & Harrisburg, SD, as well as HVAC repair in Crooks, SD, and heater repair and furnace service in Brandon, SD.

Myth 1: Every Heating System Needs Replacement after A Decade

One thing you may have heard is that every heating system automatically needs a replacement after a decade. This, however, is not exactly true. The lifespan of heating systems varies greatly depending on factors such as the model, usage, and maintenance. Some well-maintained systems can last even up to 15-20 years. Thus, it’s essential to get a professional evaluation before deciding on a replacement.

Myth 2: The Bigger the Heating System, the Better

Another myth that’s quite prevalent is that a bigger heating system is always the better option. That’s not true either. The size of your heating system should be aptly determined by the size of your home or commercial establishment. An too-large system will make your premises uncomfortable and also lead to energy inefficiency.

Myth 3: Repair is More Costly than Replacement

The last myth we’d like to debunk today is about the cost of repair versus replacement. Many homeowners might believe that replacing their system will be cheaper than constant repairs. However, we suggest you to get a cost estimate first. The cost of repair might be less than you fear when conducted by experienced professionals like us.

Lambert Heating & Air Conditioning is here to provide reliable and efficient services, while giving you the right advice. Contact us for an evaluation of your heating system and we’ve got you covered whether you’re in Harrisburg or Brandon, SD.