Debunking Common Myths on AC Repair, Service, and Installation

In the midst of a hot summer day in Tuscaloosa, AL or during the stifling nights of Cottondale, AL, a performing AC is a savior. Turner & Schoel offers AC repair, AC service, installation, and 24-hour support to ensure your comfort always. However, there are several myths about AC services that often lead to wasted money, damage to your cooling system or simply fails to address the AC issues. Let’s take a look at the truths behind these misconceptions.

Myth 1: “You Don’t Need Professional Service for AC Repair or Replacement”

The first common misconception is that AC repair, service, or replacement can be a DIY project. While there are minor adjustments and fixes that homeowners can handle themselves, trying to perform significant AC repairs or installation without professional training can result in expensive damage, potentially harmful situations, and more issues down the line. Trusting a professional to handle AC Services is the safest and most efficient way to deal with these issues.

Myth 2: “The coldest setting cools the fastest”

Another common myth is that setting your AC to the coldest setting will cool your room faster. This is not true. Air conditioners cool at the same rate regardless of the set temperature. In fact, setting your AC to a lower temperature often leads to unnecessary energy consumption and higher utility bills.

Myth 3: “Leaving the AC on all day saves more energy”

Contrary to popular belief, leaving your AC on all day does not save energy. Your AC system consumes more energy when it runs constantly. A programmable thermostat or a smart home system is a wiser choice to maintain a comfortable home temperature while saving on energy costs.

Turner & Schoel provides professional AC repair, AC Service, and installation services in Tuscaloosa, AL, Cottondale, AL, Northport, AL, and Samantha, AL. Our 24-hour AC repair and replacement services mean we’re there when you need us most, contributing to your home’s comfort and your peace of mind. Remember, knowing the truth behind these AC myths can help you make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary costs.